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The BuyBack Booth Project


Since 2015, the team has been developing software and hardware for the BuyBack Booth project.  BuyBack Booth Inc., is a fully-owned subsidiary of the company with offices in Montreal, QC and is licensed to use our patent-pending technology. 



"Both the teams from BuyBack Booth and The Pelican Group have delivered on their promises. The equipment installations went off without a hitch. They have great support staff as well as knowledgeable field service on the ground. They are proving to be valuable partners."
Alex Yeater, President, Conway Communications

"By using BuyBack Booth, we’ve eliminated our trade-in overhead and chargebacks resulting in an increased bottom line. I highly recommend them to anyone in the business!” 

Stephanie Jandik, President, RXP Wireless

“My experience with BuyBack Booth has been more customers, more opportunities, more money. At Experimac, we are an Apple® exclusive repair/resell store. With the addition of BuyBack Booth we have been able to reach new customers outside of Apple® as we now take in other brands of phones on trade-in. Plus, BuyBack Booth has proven to be a valuable outlet for my overstock. I recommend them to anyone in the business.” 

Travis Weaver, Owner, Experimac SW Seattle

“It is great to be working with Tony and Dan again on this new project! I am happy that they are getting the voice of the operator by inviting a number of operators up to their Montreal offices to get feedback on cabinet and mechanicals, software and business model. For me, I like giving my input into the design. We worked for two days with their whole team and I was able to give constructive feedback. It is great to see that most of my input has been integrated in their first product! I’m testing a unit in my shop and hope to have it on the street by show time.” 

Lou Miele, Owner, Miele Manufacturing

“BuyBack Booth has increased my team’s sales performance while at the same time providing more trade-in value and additional store revenue. We are very happy to have BuyBack Booth in our store.” 

Max Glassford, Store Manager, RXP Wireless

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